Community Guidelines

Every day, people use Billibob to share their experiences, connect with friends and family, and build communities. We are providing services for each people to freely express themselves across countries and cultures. We recognize how important it is for Billibob to be a place where people feel empowered to communicate, and we take seriously our role in keeping abuse off our service. That’s why we’ve developed a set of Community Standards that outline what is and is not allowed on Billibob.

The goal of our Community Standards has always been to create a place for expression and give people a voice. This has not and will not change. Building community and bringing the world closer together depends on people’s ability to share diverse views, experiences, ideas and information. We want people to be able to talk openly about the issues that matter to them.
Our commitment to expression is paramount, but we recognize the internet creates new and increased opportunities for abuse. For these reasons, when we limit expression, we do it in service of one or more of the following values:

Authenticity: We want to make sure the content people are seeing on Billibob is authentic. We believe that authenticity creates a better environment for sharing, and that’s why we don’t want people using Billibob to misrepresent who they are or what they’re doing.
Safety: We are committed to making Billibob a safe place. Expression that threatens people has the potential to intimidate, exclude or silence others and isn’t allowed on Billibob .
Privacy: We are committed to protecting personal privacy and information. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves, and to choose how and when to share on Billibob and to connect more easily.
Dignity: We believe that all people are equal in dignity and rights. We expect that people will respect the dignity of others and not harass or degrade others.
Our Community Standards apply to everyone, all around the world, and to all types of content. They’re designed to be comprehensive. People can report potentially violating content, including Accounts, Ads, Profiles, individual content, and comments. We also give people control over their own experience by allowing them to block, unfollow or hide people and posts.
The consequences for violating our Community Standards vary depending on the severity of the violation and the person's history on the platform. We also may notify law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a direct threat to public safety.
Our Community Standards are a guide for what is and isn’t allowed on Billibob . It is in this spirit that we ask members of the Billibob community to follow these guidelines.

Violence and Criminal Behavior : 1. Violence and Incitement : We aim to prevent potential offline harm that may be related to content on Billibob. While we understand that people commonly express disagreement by threatening or calling for violence in non-serious ways, we remove language that incites or facilitates serious violence. We remove content, disable accounts and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety.
2. Dangerous Individuals and Organizations: In an effort to prevent and disrupt real-world harm, we do not allow organizations or individuals that proclaim a violent mission or are engaged in violence to have a presence on Billibob. We assess these entities based on their behavior both online and offline, most significantly, their ties to violence.
3. Coordinating Harm and Publicizing Crime: In an effort to prevent and disrupt offline harm, we prohibit people from facilitating, organizing, promoting or admitting to certain criminal or harmful activities targeted at people, businesses, property or animals.
4. Regulated Goods: To encourage safety and compliance with common legal restrictions, we prohibit attempts by individuals, manufacturers, and retailers to purchase, sell or trade firearms, alcohol, tobacco non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana, Endangered species (wildlife and plants), Human blood, Weight loss products, Historical artifacts, and Potentially dangerous cosmetic procedures. We prohibit the purchase, sale, gifting, exchange, and transfer between private individuals on Billibob.
5. Fraud and Deception: In an effort to prevent fraudulent activity that can harm people or businesses, we remove content that purposefully deceives, willfully misrepresents or otherwise defrauds or exploits others for money or property. This includes content that seeks to coordinate or promote these activities using our services.

Safety: 1.Suicide and self-injury: We care deeply about the safety of the people who use our apps. we don't allow people to intentionally or unintentionally celebrate or promote suicide or self-injury, we do allow people to discuss these topics because we want Billibob to be a space where people can share their experiences, raise awareness about these issues and seek support from one another.
2.Child an adults sexual exploitation, abuse and nudity: We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers children. We recognise the importance of Billibob as a place to discuss and draw attention to sexual violence and exploitation. In an effort to create space for this conversation and promote a safe environment, we allow victims to share their experiences, but remove content that depicts, threatens or promotes sexual violence, sexual assault or sexual exploitation.
3.Bullying and harassment : Bullying and harassment happen in many places and come in many different forms, from making threats to releasing personally identifiable information, to sending threatening messages and making unwanted malicious contact. We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour because it prevents people from feeling safe and respected on Billibob.
4.Human exploitation: In an effort to disrupt and prevent harm, we remove content that facilitates or coordinates the exploitation of humans, including human trafficking.
5. Privacy violations and image privacy rights: Privacy and the protection of personal information are fundamentally important values for Billibob. We work hard to safeguard your personal identity and information and we do not allow people to post personal or confidential information about yourself or of others.
Objectionable Content: 1.Hate speech: We believe that people use their voice and connect more freely when they don't feel attacked on the basis of who they are. That's why we don't allow hate speech on Billibob. It creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion, and in some cases may promote offline violence. 2. Violent and graphic content : We remove content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others because it may create an environment that discourages participation. We allow graphic content (with some limitations) to help people raise awareness about issues. We know that people value the ability to discuss important issues such as human rights abuses or acts of terrorism. 3. Adult nudity and sexual activity: We restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. Additionally, we default to removing sexual imagery to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content. Restrictions on the display of sexual activity also apply to digitally created content unless it is posted for educational, humorous or satirical purposes. 4. Sexual solicitation: when content facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters or commercial sexual services between adults such as prostitution or escort services. We do this to avoid facilitating transactions that may involve trafficking, coercion and non-consensual sexual acts. We also restrict sexually explicit language that may lead to solicitation. 5. Cruel and insensitive: We believe that people share and connect more freely when they do not feel targeted based on their vulnerabilities. As such, we have higher expectations for content that we call cruel and insensitive, which we define as content that targets victims of serious physical or emotional harm. We remove explicit attempts to mock victims and mark as cruel implicit attempts. Integrity and Authenticity: 1.Account integrity and authentic identity: Authenticity is the cornerstone of our community. We want to allow for the range of diverse ways that identity is expressed across our global community, while also preventing impersonation and identity misrepresentation. That's why we require people to connect on Billibob using the name that they go by in everyday life. Our Authenticity Policies are intended to create a safe environment where people can trust and hold one another accountable. In order to maintain a safe environment and empower free expression, we also remove accounts that are harmful to the community, including those that compromise the security of other accounts and our services. 2.Spam: We work hard to limit the spread of spam because we do not want to allow content that is designed to deceive, or that attempts to mislead users to increase viewership. This content creates a negative user experience, detracts from people's ability to engage authentically in online communities, and can threaten the security, stability and usability of our services. We also aim to prevent people from abusing our platform, products or features to artificially increase viewership or distribute content for commercial gain. 3.Cybersecurity : We recognise that the safety of our users includes the security of their personal information, accounts, profiles and other Billibob entities they may manage, as well as our products and services more broadly. Attempts to gather sensitive personal information or engage in unauthorised access by deceptive or invasive methods are harmful to the authentic, open and safe atmosphere that we want to foster. Therefore, we do not allow attempts to gather sensitive user information or engage in unauthorised access through the abuse of our platform, products, or services. 4.Inauthentic behaviour: In line with our commitment to authenticity, we don't allow people to misrepresent themselves on Billibob, use fake accounts, artificially boost the popularity of content or engage in behaviours designed to enable other violations under our Community Standards. This policy is intended to protect the security of user accounts and our services, and create a space where people can trust the people and communities they interact with. 5.False news: Reducing the spread of false news on Billibob is a responsibility that we take seriously. We also recognise that this is a challenging and sensitive issue. We want to help people stay informed without stifling productive public discourse. There is also a fine line between false news and satire or opinion. For these reasons, we don't remove false news from Billibob, but instead significantly reduce its distribution. 6.Manipulated media : Media, including image, audio or video, can be edited in a variety of ways. Videos that have been edited or synthesised, beyond adjustments for clarity or quality, in ways that are not apparent to an average person, and would likely mislead an average person to believe. This policy does not extend to content that is parody or satire or is edited to omit words that were said or change the order of words that were said. 7.Memorialisation: When someone passes away, friends and family can request that we memorialise the Billibob account. Once memorialised, the word "Remembering" appears above the name on the person's profile to help make it clear that the account is now a memorial site and to protect against attempted logins and fraudulent activity. 5. Respecting Intellectual Property : 1.Intellectual property : Billibob takes intellectual property rights seriously and believes that they are important to promoting expression, creativity and innovation in our community. You own all of the content and information that you post on Billibob, and you control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. However, before sharing content on Billibob, please make sure that you have the right to do so. We ask that you respect other people's copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights. We are committed to helping people and organisations promote and protect their intellectual property rights. Billibob's Terms of Service do not allow people to post content that violates someone else's intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark. Content-Related Requests and Decisions: 1.User requests: We comply with: ● User requests for removal of their own account ● Requests for removal of a deceased user's account from a verified immediate family member or executor ● Requests for removal of an incapacitated user's account from an authorised representative. 2.Additional protection of minors: We comply with: ● Requests for removal of an underage account ● Government requests for removal of child abuse imagery depicting, for example, beating by an adult or strangling or suffocating by an adult ● Legal guardian requests for removal of attacks on unintentionally famous minors. 3.Oversight Board: The Oversight Board: Is a new model for independent decision-making around what content should be allowed on Billibob's platforms. The board's decisions to uphold or reverse our own content decisions will be binding, meaning that we will implement them, unless doing so could violate the law.